ARDFIX is an anchoring system that improves the behavior of the structural member in tensile and shear bonding. It is applicable to structures made of reinforced concrete, wood or load-bearing masonry. It consists of a combination of one-way fabrics and extruded carbon fiber rods.

The ARDFIX fastening / anchoring system consists of a combination of ARMOSHIELD C-SHEET one-way fabrics and extruded ARMOSHIELD BC carbon fiber bars. ARDFIX significantly improves tensile and shear behavior of the structural member by attaching and anchoring reinforcement (FRP) to the structural elements. The system consists of (a) two (2) 5cm ARMOSHIELD C-SHEET 300gm / m2 strips (50cm length + rod length), (b) a 50x50cm ARMOSHIELD C-SHEET 300gm square fabric and (c) from an ARMOSHIELD BC rod section of 8mm or 10mm as specified by the study. The system is mounted with the ARMOFIX MTX epoxy resin.

It can either be on one side of the reinforced concrete element or even through.