The injection in construction elements with epoxy resins restores the continuity of the cracked materials. This application has the advantage that it recovers the initial strength of the element without changing the inflexibility.

With the correct application of epoxy resins, it could be achieved the following:

  • Excellent adhesion and reinforcement to concrete, stone, and brick.
  • Zero shrinkage.
  • Impenetrable to thin cracks to ensure high adhesion of the surface.
  • High mechanical functions.


  1. Clean the crack with compressed air or using a brush.
  2. Open holes (about 30 -50 cm, diameter 3-5 mm) for the installation of nozzles in order to inject the selected epoxy resins. The holes need not necessarily be to the positions of the cracks, they may be inclined, but they must intersect the cracks.
  3. Grouting of cracks with epoxy paste ARMOFIX MTL by DRACO.
  4. Injection of epoxy resin. Depending on the size of the crack is selected the viscosity of the epoxy resin. For cracks from 0.1 to 0.6mm we use DRACO EPOX INIEZIONE R.M.2 and for cracks from 0.6 to 1.2mm DRACO EPOX INIEZIONE R.M.3. The injection of the resin is from the bottom to the top. When the resin begins to flow out of the nozzle, is sealed and the injection continues at the next nozzle.
  5. Remove the nozzles. When the resin has hardened the nozzles are removed, the holes are covered with epoxy putty and the surface is smoothed.


All of the above products and welding injection of cracks are provided in special tubes of two components with the use of simple “gun” for the easy installation of resins. The epoxy putties are two-component products with easy mixing and installed with a spatula.