Reinforcement of masonry on one or both sides of the masonry with the ARMATEX system consisting of a structural mesh of GLASSTEX STRUKTURA glass fibers with anchors of either VORTEX type of stainless steel helix or anchors of glass fibers GLASS CONNECTOR “L” or anchors OPEN HAND 1 (for one side of the wall) or OPEN HAND 2 (for both sides of the wall) and use of CALCE STORICA – M15 fiber reinforced mortar.

1. Drilling and cleaning holes (at a depth of 2/3 of the masonry).

2.  Application in the holes of grout HISTORIC L

3. Application of anchors VORTEX or GLASS CONNECTOR “L” or OPEN HAND 1 or OPEN HAND 2

Four (4) per sq.m.

4. Application of CALCE STORICA mortar “thrown” (in thickness 1 cm).

5. Application of structural mesh GLASSTEX STRUKTURA (usually type 330).

6. Application of CALCE STORICA mortar as a final layer (total thickness usually 3 cm).

In case of application on both sides of the wall, the structural mesh GLASSTEX STRUKTURA is applied with anchors for through applications and with similar mortars.