Rising damp is the main cause of detachment, mold, appearance and shredding problems in masonry, fireplaces, hagiographies and in materials of wood, paper, fabric, etc.

The unique TERGOMATIC system, MELLONCELLI – Italy, is placed inside the space we want to protect from rising damp and is connected to the mains.

It works to destabilize salts in water which is the main cause of rising damp in combination with free silicon. This is done by emitting microwaves that have no impact on humans, animals, plants, objects etc. The machine is quiet, has very low power consumption (3 Watts per hour), rechargeable battery (7 days), solar powered, and has very small dimensions (20x12x9cm) so it can be placed in invisible areas. There are four types of machines depending on the scope of application that reacts on the building’s wall structure and the field generated, with spherical wave fronts of rays of 8, 10, 15 and 20 meters. By mounting the machine immediately the rising moisture in the masonry stops. Water can no longer rise through the floor and walls and remains on the ground or on the terrace or sidewalk. In this way the water finds another way out of the structure. Water already present in the masonry and floor, due to the destabilization of the salts, evaporates relatively quickly according to the temperature and humidity conditions of the room. The time required for removal is related to the type of masonry materials (easier for plaster and harder joints for concrete and natural stones). Depending on how it is manufactured, the amount of moisture and the amount of salt it contains can be completely dry within 3 to 12 months and will remain dry irrespective of rainfall and other weather conditions. The system is not affected by intermediate masonry and other objects, so its installation is very simple and easy.

TERGOMATIC provides the necessary measurements of moisture and water soluble salts in the masonry using the portable HYGROLAB system. The analyzes of the measurements are intended to determine the drying time of the masonry based on its characteristics.

TERGOMATIC is mainly used for stonework but also for modern concrete structures. It has been implemented in Italy since 2007 in many Churches, Monasteries, Museums, Convention Centers, Theaters, Meeting venues and residences with unique results. The system has also been implemented in several European countries since 2016 and in Greece.

TERGOMATIC is permanently installed without any disturbance to the site and has a 5 year warranty with full replacement and a minimum service life of 20 years.