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ARMATEX is a certified system for structural reinforcement and earthquake protection in brick or stone masonry, in domes, ceilings and floors. It is a certified and detailed measurable solution for both modern and listed and historic buildings where it is necessary to carry out an effective intervention of integration and structural improvement through non-invasive procedures.

 The ARMATEX system:

  • Replaces metal mesh with the use of concrete and cement mortar.
  • Has easy application calculation with quantitative characteristics.
  • It is applied according to the needs of the operation.
  • It is reversible with easy application without special mechanical means.

The basic principle of the ARMATEX system is the proposed reinforcement and stabilization to have durability and efficiency over time as well as to ensure protection against corrosion and damage.

The main elements of the system are lightweight, durable two-way mesh of AR GLASS (alkaline-resistant) fiberglass with a zirconium content> 16% in resin matrix with the GLASSTEX STRUKTURA technique, specially processed economical calculators and in a range of options allowed solutions. Their installation is easy and fast with the use of anchors and with fiber-reinforced natural mortar M10 or M15 3 cm thick.

The system consists of the following elements:

The ARMATEX system consists of:

  • Glass mesh GLASSTEX STRUKTURA GT AR 675, 460, 460, 330, 320, 280, 250, 150, 115
  • Glass fiber anchors – GLASS CONNECTOR, OPEN-HAND 1 and OPEN-HAND 2
  • Stainless steel anchors – VOLTEX Φ8 and Φ10
  • Anchors for injection – HISTORICAL L and STATICAL R30N
  • Natural Furnished Mortars – CALCE STORICA (M15), INTOSANA (M10)
  • Connective materials – ANGOLO STRUKTURA and ACCESORIES



  • Consolidation, improvement and seismic reinforcement.
  • Corrective interventions after seismic phenomena.
  • Change of intended use after construction.


  • Total mechanical strength improvement.
  • Non-corrosive materials and perspiration of masonry.
  • Fire resistance of the system (Category A2).
  • System without magnetic properties (prefecture of “FARADAY”).