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  • Specialized products for repair and strengthening of historic and listed buildings

  • Specialized strengthening products for concrete structures

  • Specialized products for modern structure insulation

  • Specialized products of new structures

  • Specialized repairing products for reinforced concrete structures

  • Ecological construction products

EM4C Company Philosophy

EM4C’s vision is to contribute dynamically to the structural, seismic and energy upgrade of the general building and infrastructure industry projects, existing and new, modern and historic, considering aesthetic and environmental criteria centered on respect for the people and the environment. EM4C was created having as mission the introduction and promotion of construction products and high-technology structural systems that can provide innovative, durable, flexible, fast, aesthetically attractive and less invasive solutions combined with excellent technical support.

Our philosophy in EM4C is based on continuous search and the optimal selection of innovative and high quality products and structural systems, in order to provide them with the best level of service. Having Customer satisfaction as our main priority, qualified technical personnel are able to offer high quality and low cost solutions, which can be achieved through the new construction technologies we provide. We seek to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners, with products that add value to buildings and structures, having low implementation cost, low maintenance cost and durability.

EM4C’s operates under the following principles and values:

Quality and Certifications
Excellent Customer Support Services
Technology & Innovation
Respect for People and the Environment

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EM4C Evdoxou 3, P.C.18540,

Phone.: + 30 210 69 90 041-2

Fax.: + 30 210 69 90 044

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